How to get rid of fruit flies naturally

Eliminate fruit flies naturally

Eliminate fruit flies naturally

Ugh! Those pesky fruit flies that won’t leave your kitchen alone. They congregate around your fruit basket, your garbage and God only knows what they do on the fruit!! Well, never fear as I have a wonderful trick that will get rid of your fruit flies almost instantly!
 To eliminate fruit flies, you will need the following:
  1. A little bowl (A ramekin used for crème brûlée works perfectly)
  2. Apple cider vinegar (any sweet juice will do if you don’t have this)
  3. Saran Wrap


  1. Fill the little bowl with apple cider vinegar so that the depth is approximately 1in/2.5cm.
  2. Cover with Saran Wrap (yeah, yeah, I know Saran Wrap’s not very eco but considering the alternative of using chemicals, this isn’t so bad).
  3. Take a tooth pick and punch a bunch of holes in the plastic wrap.  Make sure that the opening is big enough for them to get in, but small enough that they cannot get out. Do not put them around the edge.
  4. Place the bowl(s) on your kitchen countertop or under the sink; where ever they accumulate. 

This trap will start working instantly.  The flies will be attracted to the scent of the apple cider vinegar and enter though the little holes. Once inside, they will be trapped and not able to escape thus they die. They will fly around the perimeter of the bowl so make sure not to put holes here or they will get out. Eliminate fruit flies naturallyWithin 1 hour of doing this, I had trapped 8 fruit flies and so far my fruit fly problem is gone! Anybody else had success in doing this?

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  1. Easiest way to get rid of fruit flies is to avoid getting them in the first place. Don’t leave food in the drain, cover your trash, and don’t leave bowls of fruit out on the counter. Keep food in sealed containers, and if you compost, take it outside. I’ve never had any issues with fruit flies at home, simply using avoidance tactics.

  2. Fruit out out on the counter is the best way to ripen them (unless you use the brown bag method). I have very few fruit flies, maybe 2 at most at a time, since I only have fruit on the counter. Compost and trash is always covered and the sinks are always clean.

    I would feel bad killing the little guys with vinegar, even if I don’t particularly like them. Luckily I haven’t had a real problem! But I agree, this is MUCH better than chemical alternatives…it is crazy how many people just spray all sorts of insect killers around and in their house! Freaks me out!

  3. Where were you when I needed this technique, I had a bunch of fruit flies in the backyard not inside the house. Summer is over, but I will definitely keep this mind for next summer.


  4. What I do is take a 2l soda bottle, cut the top off about 34 inches down.

    Invert the top and put it in the open part then tape the edges.

    Pour a little cider vinegar in there and it will trap fruit flies like a charm

  5. I tried and it works like a charm! It’s a great tip for people who are composting, I do not always feel like taking a trip in the backyard at 10pm just to throw some fruit peels in the compost!

    Apple cider vinegar will also make your hair shiny.

  6. I love this rememidy, I just set up my trap and I’m waiting, they are deffinately interested, hopefully they will be goner’s soon. Thanks for the tip.

  7. I just had to say that I tried this technique last night, and 24 hours later I had trapped 13 fruit flies (though one escaped when I picked up the jar to investigate).

    Thank you so much for this idea! Those fruit flies were driving me crazy.

  8. Believe me when I say, sometimes keeping everything clean is just not enough. We had a record hot spell last week and some snuck in from outside and are out of control when one of my screens was compromised by the effect of the heat on the building. I have used apple cider vinegar w/o the saran wrap but the little suckers are too smart this time. Thanks for the saran wrap tip. It should get rid of the flies that the Darwin effect did not.


    They were flying over before I could even put the plastic wrap on! Like bees to honey!



  10. I don’t bake much anymore and hadn’t checked my flour cannister in a long time, arghhhh, now I know where the fruit flies are coming from, OR they may have been flies of a different kind coming from the flour. OR maybe two sources, but the population is finally down to a few. Even then…. they propagate faster than you can drown these insects.

  11. ACV=apple cider vinegar.

    These darn bugs are killing me. I think they came in as eggs on my bananas several weeks ago and they are multiplying despite me putting the bananas in the fridge and attempting to keep food sources covered and out of the way. They’ve even made their way up to my second story bathroom, so I’m considering it a full infestation. GROSS! I put a glass of wine out for them the other day with plastic wrap over the top, but my friend said I made the holes too small that the bugs couldn’t get inside. She made the holes bigger and I think I got one in there to drown, but the rest seem to be coming and going at ease. Tonight I will make a new cover for the wine and make smaller holes and make them toward the center of the cup. I WILL dominate these pests!

  12. Actually the best and fastest way is to use the apple cider vinegar BUT pour it into a sudsy bowl..
    They get trapped in dish suds and drown.
    Have tried both and within an hour had 60 vs 2

  13. I don’t bake much anymore and hadn’t checked my flour cannister in a long time, arghhhh, now I know where the fruit flies are coming from, OR they may have been flies of a different kind coming from the flour. OR maybe two sources, but the population is finally down to a few. Even then…. they propagate faster than you can drown these insects.

  14. Hi! Name is Maddie(Madelina) Rezende, I work in a Motel and we serve Continental Breakfast. We have a bad case of Fruit Flies. How can I get rid of them at work without ruining our Breakfast area? It goes in everything. Milk containers, on bagels, and mini muffins. Please help me resolve this problem.

  15. Hi Maddie – The trick I described above works. My advice would be to set up a few dishes of the apple cider vinegar throughout the kitchen and keep everything as clean as possible. Wipe up juice/milk spills as soon as they occur. Hope that helps!

  16. We have found that we hardly ever get fruit flies since we started buying organic bananas. Not entirely sure why. Perhaps they are cleaner? They also tend to ripen a bit more slowly and to stay nice longer, even when fully ripe.

  17. Interesting. Maybe there are less flies simply because they are ripening slower so less sweeter smelling?

  18. My daughter’s apartment is infested with fruit flies: I will definitely try the apple cider vinegar with the dish soap in it and the plastic wrap on top…I’m hoping this will get rid of those invasive little insects!!!

  19. I use this technique too, but the best liquid of all for trapping them is sherry. They LOVE IT. Vinegar, wine, beer or juice also works but they are helpless when it comes to sherry. Also, it makes them drunk so they die much more quickly, and I suspect painlessly, which I console myself is more humane. Give it a try!

  20. I don’t like techniques like this one… I’d feel like a murderer doing this! :S Once I had A LOT of fruit flies in my kitchen and I tried to simply capture them in my compost jar to bring them outside and let them free 😉 It works perfectly, you just have to be a little patient… Let the jar slightly open and wait a few moments (15-30 min.) so the flies go all in it and then you have to be quick enough to close it in one shot to capture them. Simple! You can easily cath 50 flies or more at a time using this technique… 😉

  21. All suggestions are welcome Véronique and the more humane some people can make them, the happier I am too! Thanks for sharing.

  22. Cider vinegar in a jar (half a cup_ and 3 to 4 drops of dish detergent!
    Works great!

  23. I was just enjoying a glass of reisling and noticed how interested the fruit flies are. I put a a little in a tall glass, made a cone out of paper, and taped it to the glass for security. The flies are really attracted to the sweet smell and they fly in but can’t figure out how to get out! I’ve already caught most of the ones flying in my house and it’s only been a few hours!

  24. Yup, any kind of sweet liquid usually works. ACV is just much less expensive than a nice glass of Reisling! 🙂

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