How I cured my allergies with the Master Cleanse


Master Cleanse success - I cured my seasonal allergies

(Details on special giveaway below)

This past week, I completed the 7-day master cleanse again for the second time. Why? Because I cured my seasonal allergies from doing it 2 years ago. That’s right, I haven’t had to take Claritin or Aerius in 2 years. Now that’s what I call preventative medicine!

To learn about the master cleanse, view all my video diaries from my 10-day master cleanse in 2009. You can also get the master cleanse recipe here.

First, let’s start with a recap of the master cleanse benefits:

  • Removes toxins from your body
  • Improves skin for a more youthful appearance (won’t help acne if it’s hormonal)
  • Removes cravings associated with alcohol, coffee, junk food, tobacco and other habit forming beverages
  • Healing of stomach aches, feeling of bloating, indigestion, and colon issues
  • Alleviation of chronic pains which are somehow linked to the clogging of internal organs
  • A heightened energy level and lack of fatigue
  • A reduction in allergies and its symptoms
  • Weight loss
  • A general feeling of well-being and comfort
  • Becoming more in-tune with your body and understanding its signals better

How I felt:

  • I felt “normal” each day
  • In the mornings, I sometimes felt weaker and I had less energy when running up stairs, but these symptoms went away immediately after I drank the lemonade elixir.
  • I was sometimes hungry at night, but it would go away after drinking the elixir or a tea
  • My ability to concentrate was exactly the same as before
  • My teeth needed to be brushed more often because of the sugar in the maple syrup
  • My tongue did not change colour this time, indicating I did not have many toxins to eliminate

Important to note:

  1. Not everyone’s constitution can handle the master cleanse.
  2. The master cleanse should only be attempted by healthy individuals, otherwise follow the advice of a Naturopath.
  3. You will lose weight; some is water weight but some is toxic sludge in your intestines which you can’t lose through dieting. To keep it off, start eating healthier and working out immediately following the cleanse.
  4. How you feel depends on what your diet was like before. If you ate a lot of red meat, dairy and processed foods, the cleanse will probably be harder because you have more toxins to eliminate. If you were a vegetarian like me, it will be much easier.
Juicing the lemons with my citrus press

Juicing the lemons with my citrus press


  1. Start on a Saturday. You’ll need a weekend to get used to it so you’re ready for work on Monday
  2. Get an electric citrus juicer ($40). I normally promote manual kitchen aids but my God, you will need a gimmick to help you get through juicing 60 lemons.
  3. Wash the lemon juicer immediately after juicing, otherwise the pulp becomes almost glued on and impossible to pick off.
  4. Drink the laxative tea before bed every night – no point in cleansing if you’re not “eliminating”.
  5. Drink lots of water and herbal tea in between the elixir, this will help fill you up. (No caffeine).


  1. Don’t stay at home and give up your social life, you’ll end up feeling like you’re sick and the days will pass by very slowly. Go out – just bring a bottle of the lemonade with you or drink herbal tea. You’ll have the same amount of energy as before. I was able to accompany friends at cafés and restaurants and I was honestly fine. I also attended Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals at a friend’s house where food was plentiful and I didn’t crack.

Good to knows:

  1. On the weekend, I did 2 massive bike rides around Montreal (pictures on Facebook page). To be honest, I was worried I would faint from not having enough energy, but I was fine. The secret is to bring a bottle of the lemonade elixir and water with you, and keep yourself hydrated. Stop, whenever you need a break and listen to your body.
  2. Remember, the lemonade elixir will give your body everything it needs during the cleanse to survive; all essential vitamins, minerals and carbs. You’ll learn a lot about your body from this experience and how strong you are.
  3. Considering I’m a person who doesn’t have a lot of self-discipline, it’s amazing how easy this was to finish. I never once wanted to quit.

Going off the master cleanse:

You cannot start eating normally the day after your master cleanse ends. You must start off slowly by drinking freshly squeezed orange juice for at least half a day to turn your digestive system back on. If you feel stronger, you can then try drinking a vegetable soup broth. See how your stomach reacts. Diarrhea is normal. Some will be able to then eat a vegetable soup (butternut squash, carrots, celery) for supper, others will have to stick to the vegetable broth.

Here is a general guideline to follow. It’s important to listen to your body, if you feel ok and aren’t having diarrhea, progress to the next food item below. If you’re still having diarrhea, continue eating the same thing.

  • Day 1: Freshly squeezed orange juice & vegetable broth (Possibly vegetable soup if you feel ok)
  • Day 2: Freshly squeezed orange juice, fruit and vegetable soup
  • Day 3: Fruits, vegetables and vegetable soup
  • Day 4: Regular food (avoid processed foods)

Special Giveaway — Participate by July 1,  2011

In order to help you start master cleansing, Trudeau will give one of my lucky readers the following master cleanse kit:

1. A 17oz stainless steel water bottle
2. A maple syrup dispenser
3. A lemon juicer

In order to participate, you must become a fan of my Facebook page then leave a comment on here telling me why you would like to master cleanse, by July 1, 2011. One lucky winner will contacted by email and on my Facebook page and have the kit shipped to their house.

Residents of Canada & US only.

4 thoughts on “How I cured my allergies with the Master Cleanse

  1. I am a fan on facebook! I would really love the chance to master cleanse me! I have been suffering from major stomach issues for quite a long time now, and I feel this could be the answer that I have been searching for. Plus, if it helps with acne?, what girl could turn that down? I am truly searching for a natural way to treat my ailments, with no pills or drugs, and this is finally one I feel could really help me out.

  2. I tried it once before but did not succeed. I do not like giving up and really want to feel my best. Failure is not in my vocabulary and I truly believe that the master cleanse could benefit my overall well-being and provide me with the detox that I need. I have had exzema fro quite awhile and do think that actually completing the master cleanse would be the key to not only cleansing my system but ridding me of the exzema that has been plaguing me for awhile..I really want to try this again and rejuvinate!

  3. Ok Urban GG:) I would love to get that cleanse kit. I’m a 31yr old mother of 3. Ages range from 4.5-14.5 (yep, a teenager:O) In the last 6mos I’ve learned so many new things ranging from the human body, spirituality and consiousness, to our beautiful nurturing Mother Earth and even bigfoot (long story, don’t ask:)). I’ve come to realize each and every one of us are precious beyond belief. I felt like a new and changed person, who instead of dreading getting up in the morn, woke up w/joy and wonder of what the day bring. I have changed my entire family’s eating habits. Switched to organic, tons of fruits and veggies, red meat only once a wk if that. I think that was the hardest part, I love a good steak:) Another thing is that I quit drinking for the 1st time in my life. I’m not a raging alchy or anything, but I come from a long line of alcoholics. I drank on a regular basis (approx 2-3 sixpacks/wk, or 2-3 16oz. beers/night) since I was 15. Except for when I was pregnant, I never stopped for any amount of time. I never got “drunk” in the term, and always waited until my kids were in bed before I started. Then about 3mos ago I decided that my kids needed me to be around for a when they start families of their own and that there is still much life out there to be lived:) So because of that and our healthier, greener lifestyle there are times when I don’t think my body can keep up w/my brain:P I think your page and articles are great and would love to be able to continue on this life journey by ridding my body of all the toxins I’ve acquired throughout my past. Keep up the good work and much love from me and mine to you and yours<3

  4. I am already a fan of you on facebook (since the great cloth diaper change at Bummis!). I would really like to try the master cleanse. I have been having milk allergies for years, but I was still able to have yogourt and cheese up until my son was born 9 months ago. I want to wean myself off of it since it doesn’t do my body any good and I have cravings for it way too much!


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