How I cured my allergies with the Master Cleanse

  (Details on special giveaway below) This past week, I completed the 7-day master cleanse again for the second time. Why? Because I cured my seasonal allergies from doing it 2 years ago. That’s right, I haven’t had to take Claritin or Aerius in 2 years. Now that’s what I call preventative¬†medicine! To learn about […]

Day 8 & 9 on The Master Cleanse – will finish with another liver cleanse

Wow, it’s been tough but I’m almost there. I am so ready to eat again. I can’t wait. I have heard that if you get to the end of your 10 day master cleanse and are disgusted by the thought of food then you haven’t finished detoxing and must continue. I, however, am ready¬† to […]