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Move over metrosexual, hello ecosexual!

Ecosexuality; the new trend in dating

Ecosexuality: the new trend in dating

What do Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney and Brad Pitt have in common? They are all ecosexuals! A new term has been coined on the West Coast that puts metrosexuality to shame, it’s called ecosexuality and describes people who look for mates that share the same environmental concern.

If you think environmentally concerned or socially conscious men are limited to the dirty hippie sterotypes, think again. Ecosexuality combines GQ sexiness with a heart for something more than just a big bank acccount and fancy car.

Take the ecosexuality tour with me learning about my past dating experiences, dating sites now catering to ecosexuality and find out if you’re an ecosexual by taking the quiz on my article Ecosexuality; the new trend in dating hosted on