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Celebrate Earth Day 2011 by hosting “Picnic for the Planet” in your city

The Nature Conservancy

Celebrate Earth Day 2011 by hosting a public picnic in your city

Earth hour, Earth day, Earth week if you’re confused on what they are and what you’re supposed to do, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

This Friday, April 22nd (aka Good Friday), is Earth Day which according to wikipedia, was started by Gaylord Nelson, a US senator  in 1970 to inspire awareness and appreciation for the earth’s natural environment. It is now celebrated throughout the world thanks to Earth Day Network and many worldwide organizations like The Nature Conservancy who organize annual events.

This year, The Nature Conservancy has organized Picnic for the Planet 2011 as a way for people to celebrate the planet by hosting a public picnic in their city. Over 445 picnics have been registered so far worldwide thanks to the meetup site. You too can join one of the already registered picnics or create your own for April 22nd by signing up on on Picnic for the Planet – Meetup.

The Nature Conservancy would like to remind you that there are 5 easy things you can do to help the planet: Continue reading

Terriens film premiere proves to be a smashing success in Montreal

George opening speech at the World premiere of Terriens

George's opening speech at the World premiere of Terriens in Montréal

The world premiere of Earthlings in French, “Terriens”, was a smashing success last Friday night with more than 750 people squeezing into the theatre at UQAM. The ambiance was definitely full of love and excitement. Besides Georges Laraque, special guests included 2 other Montreal Canadiens; Maxim Lapierre and Michael Cammalleri. Continue reading

Meet Georges Laraque at the World Premiere screening of Earthlings in Montreal on Jan 8

Georges Laraque turns vegan

NHL superstar, Georges Laraque, turns vegan

(Film info below)

Barely 7 months ago, this NHL hockey superstar, Georges Laraque, shocked fans across North America with his decision to become vegan after watching the award-winning film Earthlings. As if he didn’t get enough flack for being a “black hockey player”, he took media criticism to another level with his decision to defend the animals and the environment. Despite it all, he continues to make a huge difference in the world and for that – he truly rocks!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting this true hockey hero this past month for his birthday at Chu Chai, Montreal’s best Continue reading

Make Forests Count in Copenhagen through couch activism

A low-fat diet where potato chips don’t count is about as absurd as world leaders talking about climate change but not addressing deforestation. Yet, that’s exactly what happened at the last summit on climate change.

Did you know that 20% of all CO2 released into the air “from humans” comes from the clearing of forests? That’s right, cutting them down results in more carbon being released into the air then cars, trucks, trains and planes combined. That’s huge!

This December, global leaders, including Obama, will be meeting in Copenhagen to discuss climate change. They must address deforestation if they want to make a difference. In order to make this happen, CPAWS (Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society) just launched a great campaign called MakeForestsCount which includes a petition to Canada and United States asking them to:

  • Protect intact forests and wetlands;
  • Account fully for the carbon lost by cutting forests and destroying wetlands — accounting must be based on actual changes in emissions from the past.
  • Help developing countries to reduce deforestation and forest degradation while protecting Indigenous Peoples’ rights.

So if YOU want to make a difference against climate change, go to and sign the petition today!

Watch the video:

BIXI: not all it's cracked up to be

Urban Green Girl on BIXI

Urban Green Girl on BIXI

So much for being excited by something you end up being screwed by. $67 dollars later, I realise BIXI wasn’t exactly what I thought it was. Not ideal for tourists. Not ideal for ad-hoc bike rides. Is good for bike taxi needs. I guess this would have been clear had I read their press releases but silly me, excited by their presence everywhere, I wanted to ride one impatiently. I misread their confusing rental fee stickers on the machine, despite the fact I read them in detail. Continue reading

Montreal takes stand against climate change with the launch of BIXI

Whoever thought green initiatives wouldn’t be cool for urbanites never met BIXI!

BIXI with Montreal skyline

BIXI with Montreal skyline

Just over a month ago, the City of Montreal launched BIXI, North America’s first public bike system. It was part of the city’s overall object to improve public transport and reduce the amount of vehicles on the road. Continue reading

Move over metrosexual, hello ecosexual!

Ecosexuality; the new trend in dating

Ecosexuality: the new trend in dating

What do Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney and Brad Pitt have in common? They are all ecosexuals! A new term has been coined on the West Coast that puts metrosexuality to shame, it’s called ecosexuality and describes people who look for mates that share the same environmental concern.

If you think environmentally concerned or socially conscious men are limited to the dirty hippie sterotypes, think again. Ecosexuality combines GQ sexiness with a heart for something more than just a big bank acccount and fancy car.

Take the ecosexuality tour with me learning about my past dating experiences, dating sites now catering to ecosexuality and find out if you’re an ecosexual by taking the quiz on my article Ecosexuality; the new trend in dating hosted on

Obama admits a diet lesser in meat would reduce greenhouse gases

Obama_new_dietIt’s very rare that you’ll find a political leader, from any party, that will actually, publicly announce, that a main source of greenhouse gas comes from farm animals raised for meat.

Well not only did Obama admit this and that meat is  a very inefficient source of protein (referring to the amount of water and grain to get 1lb of meat protein compared to 1lb of plant protein), he also went on to admitting that Americans could benefit from a change in diet.

In his speech, he then went on to talk about how developing nations now eating a more western, “meat based” diet is wreaking havoc on already scare resources (grains, water, farm land).

Finally, a leader that puts two and two together and comments on how medicare costs and illnesses like heart disease and diabetes could be dramatically reduced with a diet lesser in meat, not to mention, reduce environmental pollution.

But if  the environmental or animal ethics side of a vegan diet doesn’t concern you, what about the world’s poor? You see, to truly understand what is at stake in world food production, we’re at the point where we will have to make a choice between feeding the world’s livestock or world’s people,  we won’t be able to feed both. Even if the entire world switched to a vegan diet, we would still run out of food, but at least it would sustain us longer.

Three green tips to reduce TV e-waste during the switch to digital broadcasting

TV kicked to the curb admist digital switch

How many TV 's will be kicked to the curb following the switch to digital?

You are probably already aware that as of February 17th, some US TV stations will switch from analog to digital broadcasting. Although the benefits are obvious in terms of better picture quality, where does this leave all the old CRT and analog TVs, when e-waste is already a mounting problem in United States?

Well, don’t fear as Urban Green Girl has brought you three (3) solutions  to deal with the switch:

To learn about these three green solutions, check out my guest post entitled How to deal with the digital switch like a green girl at

Top household cleansers to be sued for non disclosure of chemicals used

Common household cleaners

Common household cleaners that could be dangerous to our health

I’ve talked countless times on here about the health and environmental dangers from using mainstream household cleansers due to their chemical ingredients that often go untested. In how to start your green life I explain some of the dangers and solutions. Well, I am very proud to announce that I am not the only person worried about these products and the effects they have on our eco-system. Environmentalists are sueing for the disclosure of chemicals in cleaning products that we all have in our houses. According to the LA Time’s Greenspace: Continue reading