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Top 10 must see documentaries about food, animals and the environment!

  1. Food Inc.How industrial farming is making us sicker, fatter and poorer – and what you can do about it

If you eat food, you need to watch this film. This is a fantastic film about food issues with something in it for everyone.  It covers the drastic changes in the food industry since modern industrial farming began and how it affects our health and the environment but finishes with a positive look on companies doing things right. It will suck you in, shock you, disgust you, anger you, but most importantly, it will make you a better-informed consumer and allow you to have more control over what you put into your body. I can’t stress how important it is for people to watch this film.

Take-away: You can reduce 80% of e-coli in cows by switching their diet from corn to grass

Where to find: In videostores, on Netflix in the US or purchase it on Amazon.ca


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Terriens film premiere proves to be a smashing success in Montreal

George opening speech at the World premiere of Terriens

George's opening speech at the World premiere of Terriens in Montréal

The world premiere of Earthlings in French, “Terriens”, was a smashing success last Friday night with more than 750 people squeezing into the theatre at UQAM. The ambiance was definitely full of love and excitement. Besides Georges Laraque, special guests included 2 other Montreal Canadiens; Maxim Lapierre and Michael Cammalleri. Continue reading

Meet Georges Laraque at the World Premiere screening of Earthlings in Montreal on Jan 8

Georges Laraque turns vegan

NHL superstar, Georges Laraque, turns vegan

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Barely 7 months ago, this NHL hockey superstar, Georges Laraque, shocked fans across North America with his decision to become vegan after watching the award-winning film Earthlings. As if he didn’t get enough flack for being a “black hockey player”, he took media criticism to another level with his decision to defend the animals and the environment. Despite it all, he continues to make a huge difference in the world and for that – he truly rocks!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting this true hockey hero this past month for his birthday at Chu Chai, Montreal’s best Continue reading