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New York, Washington DC & Phoenix, still no public recycling!

As I’ve written before, recycling is not the answer; rather, the focus should be on reducing waste in the first place. However, in certain circumstances, like when you’re travelling in urban centres, it’d be nice to be able to recycle your water bottle rather than throw it out. I recently made a few trips south of the border to New York, Washington DC and Phoenix and was greatly disappointed by the lack of recycling bins in the downtown areas for glass and plastic bottles.

Daily Manhattan garbage

Absolutely unacceptable - Manhattan garbage

Let’s start off with New York City, an avant-garde city that starts positive trends. Yet, I was horrified by the amount of waste that was thrown out each night in front of boutiques and restaurants, not to mention, the lack of recycling bins throughout Manhattan. I remember asking an employee at Burger King (yes, I ate there but I had the veggie burger) where I could recycle my water bottle and the girl looked at me like I was crazy! I stayed at an awesome boutique hotel called the Room Mate Grace right in the Continue reading

Obama admits a diet lesser in meat would reduce greenhouse gases

Obama_new_dietIt’s very rare that you’ll find a political leader, from any party, that will actually, publicly announce, that a main source of greenhouse gas comes from farm animals raised for meat.

Well not only did Obama admit this and that meat is  a very inefficient source of protein (referring to the amount of water and grain to get 1lb of meat protein compared to 1lb of plant protein), he also went on to admitting that Americans could benefit from a change in diet.

In his speech, he then went on to talk about how developing nations now eating a more western, “meat based” diet is wreaking havoc on already scare resources (grains, water, farm land).

Finally, a leader that puts two and two together and comments on how medicare costs and illnesses like heart disease and diabetes could be dramatically reduced with a diet lesser in meat, not to mention, reduce environmental pollution.

But if  the environmental or animal ethics side of a vegan diet doesn’t concern you, what about the world’s poor? You see, to truly understand what is at stake in world food production, we’re at the point where we will have to make a choice between feeding the world’s livestock or world’s people,  we won’t be able to feed both. Even if the entire world switched to a vegan diet, we would still run out of food, but at least it would sustain us longer.